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If you got vinyl flooring, then you may be looking for ways on how to take care of it so it will last long. Vinyl is a common choice among business owners and homeowners because of its smooth surface that is easy to clean as well. It usually comes with a cushioned core so that it becomes a comfortable surface to walk on. It also feels warmer than other types of flooring. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can keep your vinyl Singapore flooring at its top condition.

Keep it to last for many years by following these tips:

How to Take Care of Your Vinyl Flooring

  1. If your floor is suffering from wax buildup, you can use water and alcohol as a cleaning solution. You should use about a part of isopropyl alcohol with about three of water. You can then scrub your floor to remove the buildup fast.
  2. Sweep the floor constantly. You can take care of your flooring if you clean or sweep it on a daily basis. It will avoid it from accumulating dust and dirt that in time may be hard to remove. You can remove abrasives and others types of dirt by cleaning your floor on a regular basis.
  3. Mop the floor with half and half of vinegar and warm water. Alternatively, you can use ammonia as replacement to vinegar. On the other hand, you should not use harsh chemicals in cleaning the vinyl flooring as it may damage the flooring in the process.
  4. Think of using a mild detergent soap and warm water. This is another alternative to using water and vinegar/ammonia. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes so that the dirt will loosen. After, you can wipe it clean using a dry, soft cloth.
  5. Use a dampened white cloth when getting rid of scrapes and scuff marks. Add in a small amount of lighter fluid into the cloth before you wipe of the scuff marks. When the marking is removed, you should use hot water to wipe it clean.
  6. Another tip in cleaning your vinyl flooring is to use a solution made of a part of bleach and about three parts of water. You can do it to get rid of tough stains on the floor. Soak a rug on the solution and then put it over the stained part of your vinyl. Let that rug stay for about an hour. If it doesn’t remove the stain totally, you can apply and do the same procedure after a couple of days.


To a Clean and Well-Taken Care of Vinyl Flooring!

There you have some tips you can follow when cleaning your vinyl. Be sure to follow them if you want to keep your flooring free from stains, dust, and dirt, among other contaminants. Keep your flooring on top conditions by always taking care of it. Always clean vinyl flooring and make it last.