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Marble flooring is commonly chosen for its classical and elegant appeal. If you’re one of those that is looking to install this type of flooring in your home or office, then you may want to know more information about it while in the process of making a decision.

They say that to take care of it is to give it proper cleaning using only recommended products; this way, homeowners can look forward to a long-lasting flooring that they can pass down to their descendants. Here are some things to think about if you want your flooring to last long.

  1. Install it properly. Having this said means that you have to make sure that you ensure that the floor substrate is leveled, without any slopes or valleys. You should know that the substrate will support the marble since this is a heavy type of material.
  2. Use grout. Sometimes, it can be tempting to install marble flooring without grout especially if you would use polished ones. However, the use of grout is still needed. As you know, marble tiles do not have uniform sizes so you cannot expect proper and straight alignment if you don’t use grout when installing it.
  3. Think of sealing and setting. This will help avoid the discoloration of the marble flooring. You should use a white setting material for it. On the other hand, you should use epoxy setting material if your marble flooring is dark like black. This can also help avoid tile curling. Before grouting the tile, you should infuse a sealer because marble is porous. This process can ensure an easier cleanup once the installation is done.
  4. Take care of the flooring. The marble material is prone to etching and staining so you should always maintain it properly to make it attractive for many years. You can think of putting a rug in your doorstep so people can wipe off their shoes before stepping on the flooring. In addition, you should wipe up spills right away. Plus, keep the floor dry and only use a mild soap or detergent when cleaning it.

There you have some ways to make your marble floor last long. Remember these tips so that you can ensure that they can stay for many years. The proper installation, grouting, sealing, setting, and maintaining will make the big difference. You can consider keeping these things in mind to ensure that your investment will not turn to waste when it comes to installing marble floor.

Finally, you can consider getting help from an expert that can provide you a free advice and consultation, which can help you in coming up with a better decision. Consult an expert in flooring Singapore today to help you with marble flooring today!